Thursday, November 17, 2011

SWL Log (17.11.2011)

Frequency: 9330kHz
Country: Syria
Radio: Damask
Language: Russian
Time: 1945 (Local), 1745 (UTC)
Program Info: Talking about Russian photo art. The broadcasts in German started at 2000 (Local), 1800 (UTC).

Frequency: 9715kHz
Country: Russia
Radio: Liberty
Language: Belorussian
Time: 1958 (Local), 1758 (UTC)
SINPO: 55555

Frequency: 9705kHz
Country: France
Radio: ORTN La Voix De Sahel
Language: French
Time: 2001 (Local), 1801 (UTC)
Program Info: Music
SINPO: 31232 (caused by local QRM)

Frequency: 9725kHz
SINPO: 54555
Country: Tunisia
Radio: RTT Radio Nationale
Language: Arabic
Time: 2008 (Local), 1808 (UTC)
Program Info: Arabic music.

Frequency: 9580kz
SINPO: 55455
Radio: Africa No1
Language: French
Time: 2100 (Local), 1900 (UTC)
Program Info:
  • News (1900-1910UTC)
  • Music (1910-1912UTC)
Frequency: 9730kHz
Country: Vietnam
Radio: Voice Of Vietnam
Language: Spanish
Time: 2012 (Local), 1812 (UTC)
Program Info: News broadcast

Frequency: 9735kz, 9770kHz
SINPO: 54455 (both)
Country: Canada
Radio: Canada International
Language: English
Time: 2020 (Local), 1820 (UTC)
Program Info: Discussing the "Brown Canada" project and the South-Asian communities in Canada. Then played some jazz music. Later some listeners letters were read.

Frequency: 9750kHz
SINPO: 55555
Radio: Vatican
Country: Vatican
Language: -
Time: 2029 (Local), 1929 (UTC)
Program Info: Interval signal and then went off.

Frequency: 9760kHz
SINPO: 55555
Country: Iran
Time: 2030 (Local), 1830 (UTC)

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