Sunday, December 9, 2012

Non-responsive Shortwave broadcasters

Reception reports with no responce yet:
  • BBC South Atlantic Relay Station
  • BBC Far Eastern Relay Station
  • BBC Middle East Relay Station
  • BBC Mediterranean Relay Station
  • BBC Asian Relay Station
  • BBC Woofferton Relay Station
  • Voice Of Korea - The report should be sent to Pyongyang via Beijing, otherwise the letter won't arrive.
  • Radio France International - The report should be sent to TDP with a sufficient return postage of 2 IRC or 2 USD.
  • RFE/RL - the report should be sent directly to relay stations or to the IBB in Washington.
  • Radio Farda - the report should be sent directly to relay stations or to the IBB in Washington.
  • World Harvest Radio International, English - I've sent various reception reports for broadcasts via Cypress Creek and Palau, a DX-er from USA told me it takes some more time to receive a QSL from WHRI.
  • CBC Nord Quebec - my email and postal reports have had no answer so far.
  • WYFR Family Radio - it seems that they stopped replying to reception reports short before the drastic transmissions cuts.
  • Dnyprovska Hvylya - They promised to send me a QSL card promptly after I wrote to them, but no confirmation have ever reached me till now.
  • GTRK Adygeya - I sent the report directly to the Krasnodar transmitter centre with sufficient return postage. No reply yet.
  • WWRB - I sent them a reception report with return postage some months ago and I have no answer so far. Their website states: "The Radio Station WWRB Shortwave Listener's Club, was founded on March 22, 2004. Members of the Listener Club are listeners of the station located all over the world, and are listed below. If you would like to join the Radio Station WWRB Shortwave Listener's Club, just send us a letter with your name, address, and a signal report (signal quality, strength, and any other things of note about the signal, such as the name of the broadcast heard, and how you enjoyed the program.) We will send you a beautiful interactive 8.5 X 11 inch certificate (suitable for framing) confirming your report and your membership with the Radio Station WWRB Shortwave Listener's Club. The Radio Station WWRB Shortwave Listener's Club is still evolving; check this page frequently for announcements of various contests and additional benefits."
  • Montsinery Relay Station - I sent them a postal reception report with return postage for Radio France Internationale transmission in French to Africa. No reply after several months.
  • TDP The Disco Palace - I sent a reception report to TDP with return postage of 2 IRC, no answer yet.
  • International Radio Serbia - I've sent them some reception reports via post with a return postage and  via email, no reply till now.
  • Radio Nord Revival. I sent them a very detailed reception report with return postage in the summer. No reply yet. Happily, Radio Northern Star, which was relayed by them a few days in the summer, replied to me with a colourful QSL-letter.
  • Radio Cairo and Voice of Indonesia promised to send me QSL card but no answer yet after half an year.
  • Nearly all African stations haven't replied to my reports: RN Tchadienne, RTV Tunisia, Radio Ethiopia, ZNBC Radio 1, Radio Medi Internationale, Voice of Nigeria...
  • Many stations from Asia also haven't replied to my letters: Kol Israel, Radio Bahrain, Radio Pilipinas, All India Radio regional stations and the Kyrgyz Telecom for my letter to them, concerning the Radio Rossii transmissions on 4050kHz out of Dushanbe.


  1. I think BBC didn't send their QSL Card again,

    1. Hello, Sefrizal and thank you for your comment! I know BBC no longer provide QSL cards and that's why I send reception reports for their broadcasts directly to the relay stations. I hope they will send me confirmations soon. =))

  2. The most responsive relay station of BBC is the 'Ascension Island relay'
    Have yo try to log Indonesian Shortwave station?

    1. Which particular station? Voice Of Indonesia? They promised me a QSL card a week and a half ago. =))

  3. some stations want to receive reports with detailed program details,
    will be better if you could make brief recording of reception in mp3 format (2-3 minutes), and upload the file, inform the station the link to your file.

    1. Yes, I ALWAYS provide detailed program details and comments, and enclose a return postage. 73! :)

  4. Where do you send The Reception Report to Radio exterior de España??

    1. Here is the address, thank you and 73! :)

  5. 2 questions: Radio Exterior de España Send you a QSL, a Letter, o a e-mail?? and where do you send the Reception Report a BBC World Service, English (via Seychelles)

    1. Hello, nanito100 and thanks for the comment. REE frequency manager Fernando Almarza ( verifies reception reports to his personal email address with paper QSL cards by post. The address of BBC Indian Ocean Relay Station is the following:

      BBC Indian Ocean Relay Station,
      PO Box 448,
      Victoria, Mahe,

  6. For RT Tchadienne, try this:

    Mr. Dingam Toudji:

    For BBC Oman Relay, try this:

    Mr. Afrah Al Orimi

    For Voice of Korea, you MUST use this address:

    Voice of Korea - Radio
    Democratic People’s Republic of Korea

  7. Hello! Yes, I tried this email and I was chatting for a while with Mr Dingam and he gave me a more secure postal address to send my reception report with return postage. But my letter had probably been lost. Thanks for the other addresses.

  8. Nice information. As for BBC transmitter sites verification was not so tough earlier, but now they seems difficult. Seychelles, Thailand, Singapore, Oman, Ascension verified for me. Cyprus is difficult perhaps my report went to wrong address. Never tried Rampisham, Wofferton or Skelton sites.

    Kerala, India

    1. Hi! I regularly visit your blog to check for updates! It's awesome. By the way, I'll try to send my reception reports for every BBC relay station including return postage. I'll try Ascension (South Atlantic Relay Station), Thailand (Asian Relay Station), Oman (Middle East Relay Station), Singapore (Far Eastern Relay Station). I already sent a report to the Cyprus station with an IRC coupon inside. BBC transmissions from Meyerton may be verified via Sentech. BBC has also broadcasts from Kimjae (South Korea) and Al-Dhabbaya (United Arab Emirates). Do they have any addresses? What about the UK sites? Have anyone succeeded in veryfing them in the past years?

  9. KBS WORLD will verify BBC transmission from Kimjae. Complete their on-line form at KBS web site. A KBS WORLD QSL will be issued, but will not mention BBC on the card.

  10. Very interesting list. You will find lots of QSL-pages on the web, giving details about their cards, additional material and addresses in a positive way. But now I can compare to my own internal "black list" and I see some similarities here. BBC has stopped decades ago, but there is still a little chance by contacting them via their local email addresses. WYFR did reply after writing to their South East Asian department via snail a few years ago. North Korea is very cooperative so far, but indeed Radio SAWA, Farda, Swoboda, RFE, RL and also VOA do not respond anymore due to the large number of reports. It is a matter of luck if you are going to receive one card, even now after the re-structure of the IBB / BBG system. Writing to the management is an option, try the governors bord. Most of the relay stations have stopped issueing qsl cards couple of months ago. China depends, English and Russian section work out quite well, German and France do not even reply any longer. What I tried and never succeeded in was Macedonia and Montenegro. Also no use in contacting Faroe Kringvarp, sent them dozens of letters since years, never gotten hold of any reaction, in which way. Radio France, Radio Vatican, Radio Maria, Radio Catalunya and most other stations deliver e-QSL. That might be an option for those who want to have something colourful to print out and not only some black white text.