Thursday, November 15, 2012


A rather strange way to learn that LRA36 has resumed broadcasts today has just happened:

Mirta, co-announcer of R Arcángel San Gabriel, during the 2012 Antarctic Campaign has just commented in a post of my blog "La Galena del Sur" featuring the station on Aug. 2012, that they are on the air from today on.

This is the message posted as a comment that I am roughly translating from Spanish:

"My name is Mirta and I share the studio, during this year 2012 at Base Esperanza station, with two more partners and the technical operator and we are very excited because today we returned to convey to everyone after the repair of equipment. We are proud to share this news with everyone!"

Original text in Spanish:

"Mi nombre es Mirta y durante este año 2012 comparto el estudio de la emisora en base Esperanza junto a 2 compañeras más y el operador técnico y estamos muy emocionados por que hoy volvimos a transmitir para todo el mundo luego de la reparacion de los equipos. Es un orgullo poder compartir esta noticia con todos!!!"

(Horacio Nigro, Montevideo, Uruguay, Nov 14)

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