Saturday, August 24, 2013

Mysterious beacons inside the LW and MW AM broadcast bands

I regularly receive mysterious NDB beacons inside the AM broadcast bands. Here are some recordings made with Sony ICF-2001D receiver. Note that on some of them there's strong interference appearing from local broadcast stations because the receiver does not have narrow CW filters. I made the listening in either USB or LSB mode.

22.08.2013 LL beacon 0735 on 659 USB

22.08.2013 D beacon 0556 on 610 USB

22.08.2013 BSE beacon 0718 on 256 LSB (moderate adjacent QRM from BNR1-Horizont on 261 kHz AM

22.08.2013 OPW beacon 0725 on 267.5 USB (strong adjacent QRM from BNR1-Horizont on 261 kHz AM


  1. BSE 256.0 kHz Baneasa Southeast, Romania
    OPW 267.5 kHz Bucuresti, Romania

    D & LL ??? Russian?

  2. After checking REU I found LL 659 kHz Otopeni - Bucuresti IAP Rwy 08L

    There is a D but is on 373 kHz at Tirgu Mures.

    1. Yes! I found BSE, OPW and LL to be from Bucuresti. There's a D beacon not only on 373, but also on 610 kHz. It's marked as unidentified. 73!