Monday, March 17, 2014

16.03.2014 - broadcast logs

1129: Excellent signal from IRRS Milano on 9510 kHz with "Word for the World" Bible program.
1134: Very strong signal from Radio Belarus on 11730 kHz, but undermodulated and buzzy audio, as always. Does anyone care what is the quality of the shortwave transmissions?
1137: News bulletin in Uzbek on 13625 kHz. Excellent signal and audio quality. Doubtless, it's Voice of Turkey, 500kW out of Emirler, directed to Central Asia.
1138: Weak Chinese music on 13645, a bit stronger than the local noise level here. Frequency lists show this is China Radio International in English, Kashgar/100kW, directed to South Asia. My QTH is well off the angle of this transmission.
1142: Weak to fair signal from ItalCable on 15000kHz. Playing Italian music.
1143: All India Radio in Tamil on 15050 with traditional Hindustani music. Weak signal.
1143: Radio Romania International putting excellent signal in French on 19 meters band (15150 kHz - 55555) and fair to good signal on 15255. The 16 meters band broadcasts are much weaker as I fall in the skip zones of Tiganesti and Galbeni transmitter sites.
1145: Football commentary in Turkish on 15350 kHz. It's Voice of Turkey, of course, once again. Excellent signal on parallel 15480, as well.
1146: Firedrake jammer on 15375, atop of much weaker Radio Free Asia in Tibetan.
1150: Weak signal with gospel music on 15605 kHz. It's Adventist World Radio from KSDA, Agat, Guam. The language of the transmission is Shan, spoken by more than 3 million people, mostly in Shan State, Burma. I wonder how many of them do actually listen to KSDA's broadcasts.
1151: Radio Farda on 15650 kHz - excellent signal (55555) with Western pop music (Daft Punk - Get Lucky). //15690 - 55545
1152: Chinese music on 15670 kHz. It's CNR-1 Jammer against VOA in Mandarin. Excellent signal with almost no sign that Voice of America is underneath.
1159: Very good signal from Radio Mashaal in Pashto on 15760 kHz. Traditional music from the region.
1230: Fair signal from unidentified station, playing Arab pop music on 9550 kHz. 1 kHz test tone at 1236, followed by the station sign-off.

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