Sunday, July 13, 2014

Italian Radio Base 101 reportedly on 1323 kHz

    Radio Base 101 from Padova in Italy has begun broadcasting on 1323 kHz on the AM band. The transmitter power has been given as 600 watts. You can email to the station or write to the station at Via Germania, 15 - 35010 Peraga di Vigonza, Italy. The first news about the station was published by radio amateur Diego IK3WUZ on MW News in February 2014.
     Another unlicensed Italian station has been reported heard on 1602 kHz. "Crystal Radio" was picked up on February 9, 2014, by Italian DXer Fabrizio Magrone, and reported on the MWDX mailing list. Magrone says that the station has been heard for the first time already in 2013, and it may be located in the Veneto region.

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