Saturday, February 25, 2012

No electricity - No QRM

Last night, there was major electric failure in my area of the town, because of the heavy snow, falling from the roofs of a house nearby. It was great time for DX-ing. I received a lot of VOLMET stations from Western Europe and North America, as well as some pirates from Netherlands as well as Pyongyang BS on 6400kHz with SINPO: 55555 and Voice Of The People with huge signal on 6518 and 6600kHz, but curious about the whole thing was that I didn't notice North Korean jamming on the two frequencies, or the jamming was too weak. More logs later.

Friday, February 24, 2012

Today's reception reports

Today, I sent reception reports by email to the following stations:

SW Logs - 23/02/2012

9680kHz - 1900UTC (2100 local time in Bulgaria) - 55445 - Radio Thailand World Service - English (for Europe via Udon Thani)

1858UTC: Interval signal and station ID
1900UTC: Time pips and frequency schedule
1901UTC: Morning news hour
 - National news, daily coverage on polytics and current events in Thailand.
1913UTC: Global news, brought to you by Air Asia
1925UTC: Special report
1930UTC: Music
1931UTC: Business news

7105kHz - 2200UTC (2400 local time in Bulgaria) - 54455 - Sound Of Hope - Chinese (via Tanshui, Taiwan)

The one-hour broadcast consisted of current news bulletin and long talk format program with a few short breaks for announcements.

7385kHz - 2245UTC (0045 local time in Bulgaria) - 55455 - China Tibet BS - English (via Lhasa, Tibet)
"Holy Tibet" program, giving us information about the Tibetan music, customs and traditions.

7475kHz - 2310UTC (0110 local time in Bulgaria) - 55455 - Voice Of Russia - Russian (via Gavar, Armenia for Central America)

The program consisted of news bulletin and discussion on Literature and publishing books in Russia.


Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Strange stuff

The HF spectrum was (during the Cold Wave Era) and it's still full of strange stuff, here is a unidentified secret service, broadcasting in German. It's probably a pirate broadcast in the middle of the free radio band. Certainly a looped mp3 recording from a DFS 904 documentation page!
DFS 904 was a propaganda station from East Germany in the cold war. These messages, sent during night, were absolutely nonsense and were intended to pretend it was an underground station operated by banned communists in Western Germany. Uhh, those were the times!

Sunday, February 19, 2012

19/02/2012 - SWL Log

A few Greek pirates on 48 meters band, chatting in SSB, as well as many, many pirate programs from Western and Central Europe on 6100-6600kHz, 7400-7600kHz, most of them I received on Cumbria Shortwave DX via! More information later.

Saturday, February 18, 2012

Satellite DX-ing

Now for something different. It's time for a bit Satellite DXing. Despite there is much snow in my QTH, I decided to align my satellite dish and LNB (Paraclipse Hydro 228cm with Invacom SNF-031) to check if I can lock some transponders on the new Astra 1N satellite, beaming UK and Ireland with BBC, Channel 4 and ITV channels. More information later.

Thursday, February 9, 2012

6285kHz - Voice Of Korea (in German)

Here is the today's recording of the German broadcast of Radio Voice Of Korea (Radio Pyongyang, North Korea).

Saturday, February 4, 2012

E25 Numbers station

The recording of the E25 Numbers station from Egypt, I made a week and a half ago... By the way, today's conditions on the higher frequencies are pretty good, heard some HAM activity on 28MHz from Spain, Norway and Russia. The MIKES Espoo time signal station came with excellent signal. Weak, but audible at times speech on 26MHz, Radio Maria in AM? They broadcast both in AM  (26000kHz) and DRM (26010kHz).