An year ago, we decided that is high time to build our remote SWL station. The advantages of owning a remote station are countless. First of all, in most of the urban areas, the growing interference from electronic devices is becoming a huge problem, preventing us from enjoying the DX hobby. Moreover, the implementation of efficient antennas in the city is next to impossible, due to legal regulations, lack of space and / or rejection by neighbours.
Our remote listening post is situated in a small village in the mountainous region near the town of Troyan, Bulgaria. We operate it entirely remotely via internet. Here's a short description of it:


  • MicroTik SXT 5 (for accessing internet remotely via point-to-point connection)

  • Server PC from TAROX (Intel Core i5 3.2 GHz, 120GB SSD, 4GB RAM, Windows 7 64 bit)
Antennas (mast with a height of 20 metres under construction):
Band Antenna
Mediumwave 2x300m bi-directional beverages
1.8 MHz Inverted V (half-wave)
3.6 MHz Delta loop (full-wave)
5.0 MHz Delta loop (full-wave)
7-10 MHz Rotary dipole
14-28 MHz 10-element Yagi


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