Tuesday, August 7, 2012

E-Mail from IRRS Milano

Dear Georgi,

Thank for your report, unfortunately the 7 MHz band is extremely crowded, and there is no empty spot or better frequency that can guarantee a 10 kHz separation between stations in this band.

The picture attached shows our signal on 7290 tonight in central Europe, and RCI on 7295 at a lower carrier and modulation level, while other stations occupy the band every 5 kHz. The 7 Mhz band is able to offer us the best homogeneous coverage in our target almost without any dead zone at the time of operation.

Please understand that our target on 7290 kHz is Central Europe, and our antennas are beaming to France, Germany and the UK. Bulgaria is quite off to the South of our main beam, and this is why you experience a higher level of modulation of China Radio Int. on 7195 at your location, splattering on us on 7290. I am glad to hear that despite some interference from CRI on 7295 you were able to notice the good strength of our signal, and you seem to have catched the program content.

So far we got excellent reports on 7290 in Central and Eastern Europe, from Spain to Russia and the UK, where we easily overcome any interference on nearby channels on our target.

From Bulgaria I suggest that you try our other frequencies, especially those to Asia and Africa, that are more in the direction of Bulgaria than our other broadcasts beamed to Europe. Please check:

for alternative frequencies.

Thanks again for writing us.

Best 73s,

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