Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Taiwan gives up shortwave to North America

Starting from July 1st, RTI will end its shortwave broadcasts to North America due to drastic budget cuts. Meanwhile, our transmission to Mainland China from 0100 to 0200 UT on MW 1422 will be suspended. In South Asia, from 1600 to 1700 UT, transmission will be switched from 9440 to 6180 kHz.

We apologize for any inconveniences that the changes may cause
(RTI via Richard Lemke, Alberta, Canada, June 24, DX LISTENING DIGEST)

It will be "inconvenient" for RTI to lose most of its audience in North America, tsk2. No reply to my message urging them to make other relay arrangements. Direct broadcasts would be possible as a last resort, but the are not even trying that.

For the final week, English via WYFR is:
2200-2300 on 15440
0300-0400 on 6115

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