Thursday, September 5, 2013

KVOH conducting another tests this weekend

Thank you for responding to the test broadcasts KVOH conducted on 17775 kHz a couple of months ago.  We were happy that our transmitter performed well, but were disappointed with the propagation conditions that make use of 16 metres challenging at the present time.  However, we have also been working hard to restore a second transmitter to operate on 31 metres (a band we have not operated on for over 6 years).  That work is nearing completion, and we would like to run two more evening tests to see how the tx is performing.

Accordingly, we would very much appreciate your reception reports (or preferably, recordings) of the tests we will be running on 9975 kHz on Friday and Saturday evenings this week.  The exact times are:

Saturday 7th    0100-0400 UTC

Sunday 8th       0100-0400 UTC

In North and Central America, that would be this Friday and Saturday evenings, 8-11pm Central, 9pm-12am Eastern.  The test program will be similar to last time, but not exactly the same.  It will contain segments in both English and Spanish.

The transmitter site is near Los Angeles, and here it is currently getting dark at about 0230 UTC (7:30pm local).  Therefore, during the first half of these tests, the transmission path will be increasingly in darkness, and for the last 90 minutes or so will be in complete darkness.  Please let us know what reception sounds like at your location as the evening progresses, and also what type of receiver and antenna you are using.

Reception reports may be emailed to "" or sent to:

KVOH - Voice of Hope
P.O.Box 102
Los Angeles, CA 90078
United States of America

All correct reports will be verified with our QSL card.

Thank you very much in advance for your assistance with this test!

Ray Robinson
Operations Manager
KVOH - Voice of Hope / Voz de Esperanza
Los Angeles

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