Thursday, October 31, 2013

30.10.2013 - broadcast logs

1559: Trans World Radio Swaziland - Kirundi - 45444 - very good signal with slight transmitter hum. A program of male preacher and traditional Afro music.
1600: Radio Sultanate de Oman - Arabic - 55555 - A music intro into news bulletin.
1601: Adventist World Radio Europe - Bulgarian - 54444 - "Family Breakfast" program with Bojidar and Mira. Usual co-channel interference with CRI English broadcasts for North Africa. It's clearly a collision in North Africa and this has been going on for at least two winter seasons but who cares?
1604: African Service of Vatican Radio in Swahili - 45434 - very good signal with some deep fades. A program of news from the Catholica world.
1606: Pyongyang BS in Korean. Very good signal on 9665 - 45444 and even stronger signal on 11680 but with flutter and some slight co-channel (Voice of Turkey in Dari per A program of non-stop instrumental music. Good signal on 6400 kHz as well, but under the strong electrical interference that in the past months has totally occupied the 6MHz portion of the spectrum.

Reception was made with Sony ICF-7600D and a longwire aerial. All times are in Universal Time Coordinated (UTC).

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