Monday, January 20, 2014

19.01.2014 - broadcast logs

1520: Excellent signal from Radio France Internationale in Russian on 13750 kHz, 500kW, 80 degress from Issoudun.
1524: A station with news reports in Urdu with very good signal on 9920 kHz. Various frequency lists show this is BBC from the Asia Relay Station in Nakhon Sawan. 250kW at 300 degrees which is towards Europe.
1525: The Overcomer Ministry with fair to good signal on 9930 kHz. This is 100kW at 318 degrees out of WHRI's Angel 3 in Palau. Over the past few months Brother Stair expanded its shortwave broadcasts and is now using transmitters of WRMI (the former WYFR relay station in Okechobee), WHRI (Cypress Creek and Palau), SpaceLine Ltd (Sofia-Kostinbrod) as well as WTWW, WBCQ, WWRB, WWCR, etc. Answering listeners' phone calls and talking about the planned bombing of Pearl Harbor which was done in order to involve USA in the Second World War, sending more than 5000 American militaries to the bottom of the sea. At least 15 seconds delay from the Media Broadcast transmission on 13810 kHz, which is blasting here, as usual.
1535: Radio Liberty with excellent signal on 9840 kHz, 100kW at 63 degrees out of Biblis, which is not towards Bulgaria but is always providing pretty strong signal at my location.
1600: Adventist World Radio with a program in Bulgarian language. "Advanced Bible" program with a discussion on the creation of the world. Excellent signal but strong fading at times - 55534.
1610: Voice of Iran with a program in Turkish language. Excellent signal but a bit undermodulated.
1618: Chinese jammers on the air:
  • 7310 - 43443 - CNR-1 + noise jammer
  • 7415 - Firedrake and RFA at the same signal level.  250kW at 303 degrees from Tinian.
  • 9455 - Firedrake jammer against Radio Free Asia in Chinese, which is also audible but under the Chinese. 100kW at 310 degrees from Agingan Point, which is also towards Europe.
  • 9725 - 54555 - CNR-1 against Radio Free Asia in Uighur transmitting from Al-Dhabbaya, which is audible underneath.
  • 9915 - 44444 - CNR-1 jammer + weak Radio Free Asia
1706: IRIB VOIRI in Armenian with very strong signal on 7230 kHz, but suffering from strong RTTY QRM and co-channel interference from CNR-1.
1710: Very strong and distorted signal, barely modulated with Arab music. It's Radio Cairo, of course. Transmitter frequently turning on and off.
1715: All India Radio in Russian with excellent signal on 9595 kHz, playing beautiful instrumental music.
1745: Bangladesh Betar broadcast on 7250 kHz at 1745 are almost unusable. They suffer from strong intereference from adjacent channels: CRI in Esperanto on 7245 and CRI in English on 7255. Three transmissions targeting Europe within 15 kHz!
1800: KBS World Radio signing on 7235 kHz. Very good signal of the Russian broadcast, but suffering from very strong sub-audible heterodyne, most probably from Radio Ethiopia, which hasn't been causing such bad interference here in the past.

Observations were made with Sony ICF-7600D and 20m longwire antenna.

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