Saturday, January 4, 2014

Radio Rossii still on the air on long-, medium- and shortwave

Radio Rossii is still active on long- and mediumwave although a few months ago VGTRK announced that they will cancel all AM broadcasts by the end of 2013. By 2000UTC on 3 January 2014, the situation is the following:
  • the longwave broadcasts from European Russia are still active: 171 kHz (Bolshakovo/75kW) and  261 kHz (Taldom/250kW)
  • the mediumwave transmitters on 873 kHz (Lesnoy/250kW, Samara/100kW, St. Petersburg/75kW, Kaliningrad/50kW) are active, too. I can clearly hear them under Radio Moldova Actualitati, which is pretty strong at my location. The audio of the transmitters is not synchronized and is causing strong echo.
  • the mediumwave transmitter in Grozny on 1287 kHz is active too, but it's carrying different program, most likely GTRK "Vaynah". Its power is rated at 50kW and provides good reception at my location.
Radio Rossii regional broadcasts on shortwave as well as the European broadcasts on 5905, 6095, 7310 and 12075 kHz are still on the air too.

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