Thursday, February 25, 2016

Italian Broadcasting Corporation IBC will broadcast again on Feb.27-28

ITALY   Italian Broadcasting Corporation IBC, will broadcast again as follows:
Feb.27 2200-0200 on 6970 to Am in USB
Feb.28 0800-1200 on 6970 to Eu in AM
Feb.28 1600-2100 on 6970 to As/Oc USB
During our airtime we will broadcast some old transmissions in English, Italian
and Farsi, as well as new transmissions in English and Italian, like a mailbox:
"La posta degli ascoltatori" and "Italian Shortwave Panorama", co-produced with
Marconi Radio International. Please send your reports to <>. Good
listening! Italian Broadcasting Corporation IBC from 1979! Antonello Napolitano

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