Sunday, January 29, 2012

All India Radio QSLs

I have not received any QSL cards from All India Radio emailed reports yet, but I'm going to send another by post on Monday. By the way, I got very interested in the AIR domestic services, while scanning the 60m. broadcasting band earlier today on my remote location in the village of Patreshko, high in the mountain (700 metres), far away from any local QRM. Most of the AIR stations popped up with strong signal, playing beautiful traditional music from the Indian subcontinent. I'll try to verify as many transmitter sites as I can (it would be interesting for you to know, that there are 26 shortwave transmitter sites in India), including Gangtok, Chennai, Guwahati, which I observed today, and of course the ones of the General Overseas Service of AIR.

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