Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Reception reports

I have been sending reception reports all the week:
  1. Vatican Radio, Bulgarian (via Santa Maria Di Galeria)
  2. SW Radio Africa, English (via Meyerton)
  3. Radiodifussion Vision Djibouti, French (via Arta, Djibouti)
  4. Caroline Radio (pirate broadcaster from the Czech Republic) - VERIFIED
  5. Radio Macedonia, Bulgarian (via Ovce Pole)
  6. Christian Science Monitor, Russian (via Wertachtal) - report sent both to transmitter centre and station owner.
  7. Kol Israel, Farsi (via Yavne, Israel)
  8. XVRB Radio (via Woofferton, United Kingdom) - VERIFIED
  9. Deutschlandfunk (via Berlin-Britz, Germany) - VERIFIED
  10. Radio Romania International (via Galbeni, Romania) - VERIFIED
  11. Radio Canada International (via Xian, China) - VERIFIED
  12. Voice Of America, English (via Nauen, Germany), report was emailed to IBB Monitoring.
  13. BBC World Service, English (via BBC WS Atlantic Relay Station, Seychelles Islands)
  14. BBC World Service, English (via BBC WS Woofferton Relay Station, Woofferton, United Kingdom)
  15. Radio France International, Russian (via Issodun, France), report was sent to TDF Department Unit, France)
  16. Radio Free Europe/Radio Liberty, Russian and various other languages (via Biblis, Germany) - report was sent to IBB Relay Station in Biblis, Germany.
  17. Radio Farda, Farsi/Persian (via Lampertheim, Germany) - report was sent to the IBB Relay Station in Lampertheim.
  18. Radio Africa Network (via Bata, Guinea) - report was sent directly to the station and to PanAmerican Broadcasting. - VERIFIED
Soon I'll show you how I am writing reception reports and will post some tips and frequently asked questions about writing reception reports.

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