Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Strange stuff

Some strange stuff received today on shortwave:

9430kHz - 55555 - 1230-1300UTC - Test transmission, no station ID during the whole broadcast, only email mentioned (

9450kHz - 53344 - 1300-1330UTC - E25 Numbers station from Egypt, sending encrypted messages to spies?


  1. Hi, Friend: I have listen the test transmission in other frequency, 15770 Khz. I uploaded my recording in the next site:
    73 and Good Dx's from Mexico.

  2. Thank you for the comment. But which is this station? That's a complete mystery for me...

    1. Hello DX-er

      i heard this transmission test 28 of april, 2012 at 11:46 UTC, on the frequency of 11820 Kilohertz. I sent them my report by email and they sent me "QSL" by mail like this:

      Danke für Ihren Aufnahmereport. Dieses Getriebe war ein übermittlertest von Großbritannien.

      Sie können uns dich verfangen gelegentlich prüfend.

      Sounds like german from a very bad translating service ;-)

      And they sent a picture from a transmitter, but without location exactly, only "Great Britan", and no identification. So it's really strange as you told.

      73 from switzerland.

  3. Hello, I received it in Paris on July 2013. Please look here at this video :