Saturday, April 7, 2012

Radio Canada International

    Spending cuts announced last week in Canada's latest federal budget have reached Radio Canada International. Speaking to employees at RCI's headquarters in Montreal on Wednesday, RCI director Helene Parent declared that two out of three RCI employees, about 40 people, will lose their jobs by the end of July. RCI's Russian and Portugueuse sections will be closed along with the English and French-language newsrooms.
    All shortwave broadcasts will cease as well. RCI will continue to exist solely on the Internet in five languages - English, French, Arabic, Spanish and Mandarin.
    What a pity, let the RCI staff to expect their audience to reach 0%. Another international broadcaster is dying. Radio Budapest, Radio Ukraine, Radio Sweden, Radio Norway, Radio Bulgaria, Radio Finland, Radio Denmark, Swiss Radio International, RAI International, Radio Prague, Radio Slovakia, RTBF Belgium, Radio Vilnius are now off the air, some no longer exist. Polish Radio External Service cut its English language broadcasts. The only remaining shortwave facility of Deutsche Welle is located in Rwanda, Radio France International is going to cease all shortwave transmissions in 2013. Radio Netherlands' facility in Bonaire to be closed in the November 2012..Who's next? What the shortwave spectrum is going to look like in the next few years? Please, comment!
   The shortwave stations, still broadcasting in the year of 2015: 
  • China Radio International
  • Radio Habana Cuba and the Cuban Lady numbers station
  • Radio Vatican and the shit load of Evangelical fundamentalists from the USA and Canada
  • Voice Of Korea and of course Pyongyang BS
  • A few pirates and a dozen of clandestine stations to Eritrea

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