Saturday, April 7, 2012

Radiodiffusion Nationale Tchadienne

Contact was made with the station manager. Email was sent to: !
Dear Sir,
I am a shortwave listener from Bulgaria, a small country in South Eastern Europe. I frequently tune to your broadcasts on 6165kHz to learn a bit about your home country. The traditional music from Chad is wonderful and I can listen it for hours and hours. Do you provide sending cards and pictures of the radio station to listeners? I'll send you a reception report along with money (USD dollars) to your postal address, is it possible to send me some brochures and information about your country and your radio station? I want to learn more about them. Let's keep in touch.
Got a reply the next day:
Dear Georgi,
It's very kind of you for this report. Thanks.
You know, about brochures and others you like to send US Dollar, ok but let me give you an other adress because many of those kind of correspondences were lost. So, please get here the safety adress: Dingamtoudji Ngana Esaie, EET N12. P.O Box 4012, Ndjamena/Tchad Tel +235 62363237. My email adress is the same.

Let's keep in touch

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